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can i get a refund?

i have an appointment with my
new shrink next week.
and one with my therapist
three weeks from now.
i took long enough to do it.
i had to be pushed to going
to the dentist
it's my fault he sucked
and o didn't want to walk away
from what i had already paid

i'm not doing well
too many voices from the tv
voices only i hear

(the hospital i go to when i need downtime)
called this morning and i guess scared doc
he fumbled with the phone and cut them off
they called right back, they just needed an
address confirmation so they could
send us a check, some sort of refund
so i talked to her and got it sorted

i thought . . . i'm thinking
i don't know. i do, i know what
blow to my self esteem it was
but it isn't to me to fix me
i have to wait on someone else
to fix the problem
i'd like to, really i would but
he's too shut down
Tags: doc, doctor, head case

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