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it only hurts when i breathe

my hamster, coco latte, died.
she was fine yesterday.
today she's cold and stiff.
i wanted to hold her and
try to warm her up
but doc said it wouldn't work

while doc cleaned out the
cage, M took me to the pet store
and i found a new one in colors
that i've never seen,
grey brown and orange

she's a russian hamster, so we named her
well, doc named her
he was pretty firm about it
i don't care what the name is
the rodent doesn't care
sasha it is

i'm still a little (a lot really) broken up
about coco latte
so sasha will have a few peaceful days
before we get her in the ball
i've mixed raw sunflower seeds in her feed
and i gave her a honey chew stick
as a cage warming gift

addendum to the name:
(because we have to be as white trash
as we can be without the trailer)
sasha koslov. koslov being a
pro wrestler that beats everyone

so an up and down day
and it was doc's birthday
and he hates the celebration of it
so he's all stressed.

i did help make a free range kosher organic
pizza with fresh herbs and
salami and buffalo mozzarella
and whole wheat dough

my teeth feel better today
and i ate and everything
that's usually when it really hurts

some good things today
some not so much so

time to watch sasha
hopefully i'll have pictures
up soon of the wee vermin
Tags: hamsters, head case

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