Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

mind the gap, better in than out

111 degrees today
107 called for tomorrow
i guess i'll take pictures inside
tomorrow instead of outside
i still need to photograph
a lot of etsy stuff and list it
including the bracelet that is
already up, the photos are
horrid, too much flash
and i have another like it
so i need to be sure the photos
look different enough for
potential customers to tell them apart

i also want to get some of the pride items
up, since they have their own
subheading, or section of my shop
i may also try to sell some of the books i made
this is a crowd that would appreciate them

and i have a mostly done goddess doll
that needs some embellishment
before i put it up for sale

i had rice today
and then blew the healthy thing
and went to jack in the box
and got a shake and a
breakfast sandwhich.
now i have heartburn
and it serves me right
jack in the box indeed

the cats are, for the most part
staying inside the apartment
jack and tek have both gone out
briefly, in a feline show of
machismo, but both have come in
tired and keen on the ice water i've kept
giving them all day. jack wanted to go out
for real, the balcony wasn't enough
for him he wanted to know if the
other outside was just as hot.
he stopped on the stairs as soon
as his question was answered
and just looked up at me
i picked him up and brought him back in
silly kitty cat, my silly kitty
Tags: etsy, hot, jack

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