Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

we are here

so so hot
i'm stuck in the house today
i found some sunscreen
but i can't take the heat
stupid meds

it's time for me to start
to take a supplemental antidepressant
it will come with a whole new set of
nasty side effects, but i'm
depressed still and i don't like it

i want to go back to the kitchen
not my kitchen, a professional kitchen
i miss my former career
but i can't take the heat
so i stay out of the kitchen
except my own
doc blasts the a/c when i'm cooking
i overcooked the salmon the other night
i can't decide if i'm going to
make salmon salad or salmon cakes
i should look up recipes for both
and see which sounds more delicious

i want to go back to bed
i got up because of the pain of
sleeping on an old matress
and two futon matresses
i'm feeling better now,
the pain has gone away
but now i want to go back to bed

these short bursts of brain fry
have been brought to you by
lortab, just one
my teeth hurt, so i took one.
i guess that's a step back
with my recovery
6 months with two relapses
and i'm not taking handfulls of pills
or on the weed

maybe i can do something
with tuna and shredded salmon
no, that sounds gross.
Tags: cooking, hot

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