Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

a bit of TMI and torchwood spoilers

when one's medication stops one's period, it becomes very hard to know what is PMS and what is me just being a bitch
because i am being a bitch
i'm picking fights with doc left and right
and i'm in a generally low place
gah and rarr

i still can't find my farscape and firefly disk case
that's put me in a fouler mood than usual
i hate my memory. this should be easy
but nothing goes smooth,
why does nothing ever go smooth?

at least hulu has firefly
i haven't checked for firefly yet

the pool is closed again
maybe because of the lightning we've been getting
right now it's raining, hard.
i hate that it waited for doc to get off work
just in time for the storm
and i'm worried sick until he calls

i was happy this weekend
torchwood, james marsters
it was enough to ignore the deaths of two main characters

then there was a special on john barrowman,
i don't know his proper last name
but there was a special on him and i suddenly realized
he talks on torchwood with an american accent
and he's from scotland
Tags: doc, tmi, torchwood

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