Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

free range post-these thoughts have been given much land and good electrons to feed on

i am jack's flaming fury.
i am tired of being hung up on
i am tired of not being answered
i am tired of not having a cat hair free area
in which to take pictures
i am tired of not being able to get the shots i want
funny, though, i'm not tired.
so i guess i should say i'm sick of the above
i'm sick of the commercial
for every one i see,
i talk badly about the search engine loudly in public
i don't even care what their service is
their commercials are so obnoxious,
so should be their word of mouth, even if it is negative
seeing how it's microsoft's name on it, how good can it work?

yes i'm on a tear today.

i got one of my tripods out, finally,
and once i find a surface not covered with fur even after
i super duper vacuum it, well
then i'll start drugging the cats with catnip
and using them as models, the dolls would look great
on leeloo when she sleeps on her back, spread eagle.
but then i would have to get her fur off the doll, feh

doc found a new "at a glance" day calendar for me.
i had to get one, i'm worthless without it
and that's not drama, i can't keep up with the day
let alone the date it is, that part of my brain is no longer with us
and i get the calendars on sale, so they end in weird months
like get the one i have that ends this month
and i want to make doctor's appointments
one to a new shrink
one to my old therapist, i miss him
it's only been a few months,
but they drag for me and go quick with them

i am starting to flounder, or notice that i'm floundering, so cheery-bye
Tags: calendar, rant, shrink, therapist

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