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is there really any group who openly promotes hatred?

this is what i get for letting him leave fox noise on

i finally got a couple of things on etsy

thanks to one of my meds
my period has stopped
so i never know if i'm weeping over my
cutting of my hair or if i'm just weeping
i do know i'm not cutting my hair any more
i wanted it long, though i don't know why

i've also learned not to eat fast
i made the greatest salmon the other night
and ate a lot of rice with it and ended up
throwing the whole lot of it up
that made me cry, too
it was really good salmon and the rice was
absolute heaven and i admitt i ate it fast
way too fast, never again

today i spent time messing with my cameras
taking pictures that didn't turn out
and finally, having enough to get 2 things
listed on etsy, but it's better than the
no things every other day
and now that i have my cameras sorted out
i can get more photographed and posted

then i got a grand idea for some CDs i have a
bunch of that can'tbe useful any other way
all i need is crockery to smash
and that is up to doc.

i had cammenbert and garlic infused bread for dinner
i ate it slowly.
Tags: etsy, food

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