Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

well, it's the Big Show

today it is 108 degrees
way past my temperature limit
my meds simply won't allow it
i almost passed out in the litter box
but i kept my shit together
and stayed concious for the gathering of the shit
and the putting away of it

now i am roasting eggplant for doc
and i am making home made mac and cheese for M and i
the kitchen is cluttered and nowhere near clean
i just work around it because i want the mac and cheese
and i want to roast off the eggplant before it goes bad
doc also got camenbert and garlic infused bread
and i want that, too
cheese on cheese
i've been eating so healthy lately
i don't feel at all guilty about a cheese night.
i should roast off some garlic while i'm roasting things, hrm.

no garlic to roast and i put too little cheese in it
but M liked it, that's the important thing
then i cleaned the kitchen because with the
roasting and the baking and the making.
the place was trashed and i had to empty the dishwasher anyway
so i figured i'd make doc's life easier
and cleaned the whole kitchen

you know, it's easier to think in single short lines like this

just now no more.
Tags: cooking

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