Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

that's my dog up there

i talked to the billing person from my shrink and she had billed the wrong company. $635 off my back. still that's a lot of money for 15 minutes. i should have stayed in college. i could be a completely dysfuncuntional interior designer. and charge many monies per hours. not like my shrink, but many monies.

now is the time to get doc into a school. something online. it relies on my etsy stuff. i swear i'll sit down and do some listings today. i can list two goddess dolls and some jewelry without dealing with the camera. it hates me. maybe i can fix the little one. trade memory cards and see if i can get the pictures and such off of it. i think i have some videos to youtube. but in the meantime i have pictures of stuff to use.

i forgot some stuffing for the dolls. i have a few old pillows that have gone through the wash and come out not looking so good. the stuffing was all balled up.

it occurs to me that the biller got it right the first time, it's just the second time she fucked it up. i put the information on the billing sheet. spaz. people are so very strange.
Tags: doctor, etsy

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