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it's nine o'clock in the morning

a shout out to eminem. i love his new CD, which took me by surprise.

i have some regular lentils and some red lentils. whatever i make with the lentils, i will add the red lentils last, they are so tiny, cooking them a long time, they will turn to mush. i learned that on gordon ramsay's f word, from a guest cook. i want to make a dahl.

doc got me some free range hummus and kosher garlic naan (that's a joke) he also got me some peanut butter captain crunch, and last night he left the box open on its side and we're having a bug problem so there's no way in hell i will be eating it that. i'm pretty pissed off about that. passive aggresive is alive and well in this house. he'll say he didn't realize he did it. cost of cereal wasted. way to go.

anyway, i'll have my usual five bites of organic cottage cheese for brakfast and maybe a banana.

i'm rambling, so i know i'm probably making less and less sense. so we'll just stop this now.
Tags: food

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