Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

day 68 sober

i didn't go to yesterday's meeting because it was way to hot and bright to handle. this was determined by going out in it and walking up to the mailbox. that and i will look for any excuse not go. i'm doing fine without it. it was really depressing, sitting in the near dark, telling each other their problems. sounds like a goth film on how to interact. i can probably find examples on how to work the steps. i have a workbook left over from rehab. there will be ideas in there. it covers 1-4 and 7-12. by 4 i shoukd have an idea of what to do to start with.

i got my pewter, antiqued skull charm yesterday, it was on back order. and i guess they came in from the supplier. the place i buy from is getting a lot of skull jewelry. i'm wearing the bracelets they have. one of carved bone skulls, one from carved wood skulls, and one that looks like wood with inlaid something. and i found my leather cuff watch and band, but though i think it is badass,it has a tigger spitting out honey, because tiggers do not like honey at all. the cuff takes up one wrist. the other wrist is taken up by the trio of skull bracelets, my silver wonder twin bracelet (kam316 has the same one, i eventually sent it to her), and my medic alert bracelet. and soon i'll have a new battery for my pretty, italian stainless steel charm bracelet watch.

i'm writing aimlessly now.the cats are playing pounce. it's a fuzzy game of tag, but pouncing who you tagged is legal. the queens sit it out, but maxi is just one of the boys when it comes to pounce. she can give as good as she gets.

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