Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

day 62

yes, i made it 60 days. i haven't gone to a meeting to get my tag, that will be saturday or next. still no sponsor, i keep hoping.

i'm on my way to 90 days and i feel good about it. i need to get a new notebook calendar, mine ends at july. dollar store purchase. walmart should have them. i have a shrink appointment in september and though i have it on our wall calendar, i'm paranoid i will forget about it. i forget everything that isn''t in my face.

only a few more appoitments and i get my front teeth back. i'm tired of not smiling at people. i may look formidable, but i'm a smily person.

i'm also a fat anorexic, i only eat when doc is around to force me to and i'm still getting fatter. i need to start walking, but going outside alone is creepy. and very hard to do.

i'm waiting for the maintenance guy to get here and fix the kitchen sink. and i don't even know if he's coming today.
Tags: fat, na, teeth

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