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he's okay

i've talked to my dad a couple of times today and he's doing much better. surgery went well and his heart made it through.

it's so nice to talk to my parents, again, i am conflicted. also good to talk to brat number one.

doc is thinking it is not so nice. i see his point, but i'm grown up now, and so are they. i don't want them to grow old with all but brat #1 running off or dying.

maybe it's a mistake, only time tells with them, but things are going well, and i'm forever optomistic about them. everything happened so long ago.

i want a family, too. flaws and all.

i'm glad my dad is okay. i was relieved when my mom called last night and filled me in. i was also relieved when i heard my dad's voice today.
Tags: family

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