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the jewelry block is broken! i just made an awesome necklace and a pair of earrings! i sat here with the boxes of most commonly used beads and findings and whatnot and organized it for a long time, then an idea came to me about the necklace and while i was making that i saw something on tv that inspired the earrings.

i feel so full of ideas now. i'll make make make make until our bank account can take some of the fees for etsy, which is all around cheaper than ebay. and then spend a day photographing everything at different angles and another day posting and start waiting for the orders to come in. i'll use up the supplies i have and then i have orders set up at two of my suppliers.

things are looking up, kids. i may even be able to pick up my book again for some review and rewrite. and i'm definitly going to my meeting on saturday.
Tags: jewelry

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