Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

now listen up

my 40th birthday is coming up on may 19th and i expect much wailing. i love presents, they don't have to be expensive, a postcard or if you want to go for the $30 thing, there is my wishlist at i've revamped it with computer stuff, since i need computer stuff. no candy, or food because of my teeth.i'm down to yogurt and slimfast.

but i want presents. if you live near me, i want visitors. i want i want. this is a big birthday for me i never thought i'd make it through my thirty' many of my friends thought the same thing, and it came true. i stayed badass and took help when i needed it, so many didn't. i'd get a tattoo if i had the money. someday.

back to birthday gifts, make me something if you want. i just love presents, i love opening envelopes. AMB used to send me big envelopes full of cosmetic samples and pictures to use in my collages. i loved getting mail from her, they were like my birthday. see? i'm easily satisfied and entertained. empty journals are always a hit and around $10-$20 at barne's and noble. and girly pink things, i look butch, but i like girly things.

may 19th, 40th birthday.

thank you for reading this far.
Tags: birthday

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