Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

lesson on being cheeky

so these books just keep coming and the person responsible is my old friend, LH. each has a diferent address, so i don't actutualy know where he is. this is what makes him a cheeky bastard. i was so excited to get home and open them up, i fell up the front steps, which is nothing to do with LH, i'm just fucked up on my meds. i love a mystery.he's welcome on my couch if he gets here. i told him i would get myself to vegas no matter what.

oldwolf, im pretty sure the drives are here, i had a parcel notice in with the mail, but the office was was closed already.

i'm not going to my meeting, i'm still a bit shaky from the carnival rides yesterday. that's right, M and i went to the travelling carnival yesterday and went on some heady rides. i didn't get sick or anything, but it wore me out.

anyway, after my trip up the stairs, i didn''t feel like walking two miles up and back.
Tags: books, gifts

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