Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

what i've been doing

i've been chatting with an old friend on skype and playing with twitter.

i got five of my teeth pulled which was fun. the days since have not. i look like i'm half chipmunk and am in a lot of pain. he left a shard in the gums, which i really want to cut out, but i'll wait until my appointment to have the dentist do it. he's got the lidocaine, after all.

i called one of my NA buddies to ask her to tell T i won't be there this week, but should be there next week. i don't want to go all medicated and have them think i'm using again. especially after dozing off last week, that was so embarassing, but everyone was really cool about it. only one person asked me about it, and i told her i was on psychiatric medication that i had taken too close to meeting time. a mistake i would not make again. so i'm staying home tonight, even though i really want to go.

hell, i'm tired now. i was up until five watching movies and got up at noon. i'm dozing off as i write this. i guess the decision was a good one.
Tags: na, teeth

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