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day 31

YOU GUYS ARE GREAT! i woke up feeling bummed that my other, my rehab friends, were blowing me off and apparently getting closer and closer and leaving me behind. and there they were, messages of congratulations, messages of hope for the future, messages from people who i didn't think knew i was on the radar. and wow. thank you. all of you.

i have two more calls to make on my call list from last week's NA meeting. just to thank them for being so kind and sharing their numbers with me and whatnot. calls made. i sound like a dork talking on their voicemail, but i don't care. i'm looking for a sponsor, and what a dork i am is good information for a potential sponsor to know.

i can't wait until saturday, i get my 30 day keychain and it goes on my messenger bag with the first day/welcome keychain. but today is day 31 and that is even greater than day 30. my self esteem is soaring and it's a feeling i like feeling very much.
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