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life goes on

today was highs and lows. my dental work will cost around $800, i have awesome insurance. but to get the partials i want, i need five teeth extracted, one root canal and a crown. then i can eat real food again, well, after the partial is built.

i wore my Vans to the appointment, which i walked down to. by the time i got there i had a collection of blisters on both heels. i took off the shoe with the worst blister, only putting it on to go into the shop for a slurpee. then i walked home carrying my shoe. i didn't want to put it in my messenger bag, because i had my pretty journal in there. i should have worn my boots.

got home, showered and learned it will take a while to master the art of hair straightening.

doc just chased jack into the bathroom. life goes on. 22 days. thirty days is my appointment with the shrink. that's when i have to get her to sign a permission slip for the dentist. and he didn't even write the anastesia on the form. lidocain, in fact most of the things in the cain family. next is new contacts.

it's getting done, just slowly.

oh, eris, did i overstep my bounds with my gushing over first friday? i was excited and just sounded off there. you can totally smack me in the forehead, i promise.
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