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what's that i hear?

24 days? yeah, that's right, 6 days until my 30 days! YES!

in other news, i just got my straightener and they sent the wrong one. i ordered the one inch and they sent me the two inch wet/dry. yes, they upgraded me for no good reason. i'm so happy about that! i don't have to wait for my hair to dry to straighten it! hoo ya. and the conditioner was exactly what i ordered, now if i could just get the silly thing open. but huzzah for!

back to the first subject, i need to find the meeting that gives out the AA chips because as soon as i hit the thirty day mark i want my coin. and i've got to have that coin. i don't know why they call them chips, i'll call them coins because they are round and shiny and coin-like.
Tags: na, straight hair

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