Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

two weeks bitches

i kid about the "bitches" thing.

i just got a new outfit, including hat, for thirteen bucks. i rock. the jeans are black and the top is olive green and the hat is black. that brings my wardrobe up to two colors. three if i go for my blue jeans.

now i'm watching intervention and M has gone to his brother's to eat.

i also got doc a new shirt and new jeans. if the jeans don't fit him i'll be sad but i'll have one more pair of jeans in a couple of inches. i'll also have a groovy belt in a couple of inches to hold up the things that will be falling off.

are you sick of the mindless posts yet?

i got so much great feedback from you guys, i'll pay it forward because i could never pay it back. thank you all for your support and kindness and love. it is so what i need right now, but when don't i?

tomorrow i'm going to try like hell to get to a meeting at rehab. i hope M isn't busy and is open to taking me

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