Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

no more snowball fights with M

what's the difference between a duck?

pictures coming sometime today. snow around where i live and then snow at the famous "welcome to las vegas" sign, where M and i took pictures of each other. the snow was heavy for hours. and today? totally sunny, nary a cloud in the sky. so we have melting which may lead to minor flooding of the roadways. it's still cold, in the 40s outside, i don't think i will go out today.

M and i got in a snowball fight that he only won because i thought we were done and turned my back to him . . . thud, hit the back of my leather dead center, remind me sometime not to get into snowball fights with M. his aim is too good.

doc told me today that he's noticed weight loss in me. so i'm not completely mad, it is happening. i need to start working out to help it along.

it could be the haldol or it could be the ephedrine i take every day.

it's a dark cave in here the blinds are closed and it's toasty warm and neil cavuto is shouting some woman down. time for a channel change.

the cats are largely staying inside, it's too cold for them. we let them out the front door and they wanted nothing to do with the white stuff, cowards. silly kitties wanting to keep their paws dry, we weren't cruel enough to drop them in the middle of the snow covered yard, but it was tempting.

so that's it, pictures soon, i have a lot to go through, i took my 4 gb card with me. so there will be a lot of wasted and crap photos. gotta sort. ok, good bye.
Tags: ramble

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