Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

of sneers and friendings

it occured to me that i never tried to make my face into an elvis presley sneer. or billy idol, if you rather. didn't work either way and the way my face contorted around said sneer was hysterical. really, i can't stop laughing. i wonder if elvis and billy practiced, or if it just came to them naturally.

the fight that doc and i had has faded away. i honestly can't remember what it was about now.

something else i'm giggling about, the great Dirk Vermin of the band the Vermin, and owner/artist of Pussykat Tattoo, friended me on facebook. i couldn't believe it and i hope it's real. i didn't honestly think he would remember me. i mean, i got Rukus to play one of my songs/spoken word at the last show i was at when he had the art gallery. a little holiday gift of just being friendly.

some day i will have the body and the money to get kasey's tattoo on my arm. see icon. the whole thing is symbolic, blue flames for burning for answers, the text is pictish script, because kasey wanted to study esoteric alphabets, the heart and the placement on my arm is the wearing of my heart on my sleeve. and i made it like a patch because it was something i had to add to my life. and long ago i chose Dirk Vermin to do the tat. at one time he even had a copy of it
Tags: ramble

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