Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers


i've had something to eat and i feel better, though i still feel sick and i think i will take a nap soon.

i need to wash my hair tonight. i took a bath last night, but no hair washing. doc wants to dye the whole of my head. he wants to get rid of the blonde chunks and the burgundy chunks. i just want to make my roots redish. i got a lot of compliments from people about my hair. of course most of them were mental patients, but some were mental health workers. i'm not the only crazy person who likes my hair. that holds no weight with doc.

some say that my bad moods are from watching the news all the time. i don't watch it all the time. i just have it on as noise. it's predictable noise that will never turn into another show with the noise and the hey hey. the voices are soothing, and that's what i listen to, the tones of the voices.

there are not enough lights on the bottom of my tree. they are there, just blocked by ornaments. the tree needs more ornaments on the top to balance the lighting out. i could do that today, search for the rest of the ornaments and put them up. i have a wreath to make, too. i think i'll braid the brown paper with the red tinsel. and i got a red bow to go on top, or bottom. wherever the ends meet up. the rest of the tinsel goes on the tree, i also have the cascading, throw it at the tree type of tinsel. i think it's called icicles. i haven't decided whether to use that, what with the cats who will eat any sparkling stuff they see.
Tags: ramble

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