Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers


i feel like dren this morning, really low and sick. but i can't decide if i want to be in the living room or in bed. i keep going back and forth and i can't get settled anywhere. so i'm really just sitting on the couch now and swearing in different sci fi show swears.

if M was here it would be easier, i'd stay up and watch movies with him. with me on my own i'm just spinning. ooh, maybe i should take my meds and they will calm me down.

if doc were here, it would be easy. i'd just go where he is.

there was some fucked up thing with his FMLA and i have to go and get the forms filled out again or doc loses his job. yesterday was all about finding my old doctor and getting set up with an appointment. i got it sorted and later this month i have an appointment.

and i have therapy this week. i have to remember to get the money for him the night before from doc. i didn't do that last week and ended up having to borrow my copay from M. i don't like having to do that at all.

i wonder a lot if i am turning into my mother. i don't think so, but there are moments when i doubt.
Tags: ramble

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