Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

doctors and dental

i wish someone would remove my joints and a few of my muscles. due to a mailing error i've run out of the medication that stops the side effects of the other medication. i feel like i can't move or i'll break something. i know i won't, it's just a feeling i've got with this epic soreness. i told doc it was no big deal. and after the tylenol kicks in, i'll forget all about it.

the rain has left us and we are blue sky, i mean really blue sky and chilly temperatures. this is the reason i moved here. no clouds constantly or snow that shuts down everything. just blue sky forever. i loved the rain because we needed it but i'm glad it's over.

i have to find a new shrink. i think i'll call the mental health line my insurance has and see if i can't find a close doctor who can see me in a month or two at the most. i get to find a dentist and get rid of this jack o' lantern smile of mine. i want teeth again. i hate going out or talking to people, this has been a real hit to my pride and my self esteem. and being scared by that dentist was the best thing to happen to me. through a clause in the dental policy, since i didn't incur any bills (the one appointment i went to i got billed for because the insurance denied it) on the crappy plan, we can upgrade to the good plan. the one where i have to pay for part of my bill, but have all dental options open to me. that starts in january. can't come soon enough.
Tags: dentist, doctor

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