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i'm sitting on my bed, watching my tv with its insane volume issue. the boys are waiting on Q to come over and get a couple of movies. i moved into the bedroom because no one wants to explain how i have a working laptop that he fucked up before taking the money from us. none of us wants . . . well, anyone to know our computer savvy, especially M's. enough people use us as it is.

now i'm listening to the DVD full of music i made for this here laptop. relaxing. we've been watching movies all day and i am burnt out on attention span. i've had enough of paying attention for an hour and a half.

our thanksgiving was great. quiet, no fuss. i hope the rest of the holiday season is so easy. the tree is up and the lights outside on the banister are done. we have more lights to put out there. maybe. whatever i can get doc to help me with. he's taller, so the lights should be his domain. but he hates them. i've turned him into an xmas hater. well maybe it's because he hasn't seen his parents for 8 years. kelli mentioned maybe he's afraid he won't want to leave. not something i had thought of. moving back there would suck balls. hell, move them outhere, they have entire communities for the old folks out here. and the desert with constant a/c would beat humid summers and evil winters. but no, that won't happen, we haven't the money.

my ankle is a constant source of pain and wickedness. as soon as i take the brace off, i twist it all over again, the shower was hell. i take it off before bed (the brace, not the ankle), from bed, and i put it on when i wake up before i even set foot on the floor. except today. the ankle was feeling well and i forgot entirely about my brace until i twisted my ankle a bit ago. on went the brace. it's behaving like my other ankle, which had to be operated on to do something with my achilles tendon, i was 15 and don't come close to remembering the surgery, though i do remember something of events while i recovered. i remember removing my cast and my parents bribing me with a huge set of marking pens to get me to go get it put back on. they never paid up. i hold that grudge to this day.
Tags: flaming fuckwit

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