Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

oh baby love

the subject is what i say to jack after i catch him being bad, after i sqirt him with water. he's in a mood today and is very much looking for any trouble he can find.

i've decided to take another swipe at making my rabid chewing hamster my friend. i got a bag of shelled raw sunflower seeds for her and make sure whenever i put my hand in the cage, i give her some so she will chew on them instead of me. i'm like a giant chew toy for her, and we checked her teeth, she doesn't need a trim yet (hamster teeth are like fingernails and can be carefully trimmed, though doc always does it so i don't know the details of the trimming) so she's just biting me. she doesn't bite hard. hard enough to hurt for a few minutes, but doesn't break the skin, just enough to startle me into jumping and dropping her (from a 2 inch height). i'm never getting a dwarf hamster again, give me the big monster hamsters. i've decided i'm not doing hamsters any more. i found a proper rat cage online and i'm saving money to get it next summer. only rats for me from now on. hopefully by then i'll know someone with a snake and get a breeding pair. that will solve the tumor issue, i hope. i love rats.

it's rainy today, hooray! we've been waiting for rain all summer and i miss a grey sky on thanksgiving. this weather is supposed to stay grey until friday.

what the fuck is happening in Mumbai, India. explosions, hostages, on going attacks . . . shit.
Tags: hamsters, rats, stuff

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