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we all knew that wouldn't last

things with doc and i are better but eggshelly, we circle around each other more than we fight. i say this having just had a small fight with him. he wants me to sign his check and i so didn't want to do it, but if he gives permission . . . what can i say? i don't want to miss my therapy today. i really want to go in and update my therapist, it's been months since i've gone to therapy.

here's the rub, i already left a message to cancel, and then all i could do is leave another message not cancelling. and keep trying to get through. hopeless doctors group doesn't generally answer the phone. god, i do the stupidest things. i shouldn't have done anything without consulting doc. damnit. i'll just show up for my appointment and hope all is well.

and i'll write the check. i'm so sick of all the hassle that surrounds everything i do. so much self drama. oy.

ETA: i got that all sorted and only need to come up with 20 bucks.
Tags: doctor, flaming fuckwit

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