Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

"Just take a seat theyre always free"

ha! ha ha! my teeth have stopped hurting for the first time in two days. if i give up my ice water, i may be able to keep it that way. i can drink warmer water to keep the pain away. and i haven't even been taking prescription pain pills. i've been popping tylenol like it's candy. that does very little for the pain.

it's another beautiful day here. mid to high 70s with a bit of wind. gorgeous fall weather. the leaves outside will turn orange and i hope to get some pictures of it before they blow the leaves away.

doc gets up early and goes back to bed. but if he wakes me up, like today, i can't get back to sleep. so i'm up and will probably go down for a nap once the guys are up. i expect M will be sleeping late today. he was up late playing on his computer. playing a game that doc wants to play. but not until we get the video card. maybe we can get that for each other for xmas. that sounds like a solid plan.

Police - So Lonely
Tags: teeth

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