Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

He used to search her face, as though she knew the truth

it's funny that i still feel suicidal. not funny "ha ha". or maybe it is funny. because i'd never do it. but it isn't strong enough to really affect me. i've got the general hopeless feeling that i always have about being a burden on doc. i love it when he laughs and he doesn't do it enough.

we talked about it last night and determined i can put xmas decorations up on thanksgiving. fair enough. i leave the tree up long enough after the holidays. which reminds me that i have to find a strand of LED multicolor lights and put them on the tree. decorating is my favorite thing. i know this year where everything is and we may even have two trees. i need more lights. and the lights for the porch, i know where they are.

that thought stayed with me long enough to write it down. rare. good.

leeloo is queen of the comfy chair right now. at some point, jack will jump up and chase her away. then he may or may not stay in the chair himself. sometimes he pounces leeloo because he's bored, sometimes he actually wants what ever it is she has.

max, the painfully shy cat, is getting bolder. we found a toy she likes and have been playing with her. if you can distract her, you can pet her. she's so little and soft i just want to pick her up and cuddle her. but it's way to early for that, she won't even do that for M and she's his cat. she's a pretty longhaired tuxedo cat. so she looks like a fluffy chloe. and jack has a thing for her. he follows her around and defers to her at the food bowl when they get their nightly canned food.

leeloo looks so peaceful and happy sleeping. i could go back to bed. but i just made a fresh pot of coffee and my teeth hurt too much to lay down. speaking of that, i can get my teeth fixed in january! and i don't have to go back to the crappy dentist who decided after a 30 second glance of my front teeth that all my teeth should be taken out. fuck that. i can't wait to get them fixed. i have a jack o' lantern smile. so i try not to smile with my mouth open. i'm going to smile all the frelling time once i get my teeth fixed. one of my front teeth broke off last night after i brushed my teeth. doc wonders why i don't want to brush my teeth. even though i use a soft brush and am careful when i brush them. shit happens sometimes.

i need to dye my roots so i can get my hair cut. i'll have long bangs. i'm getting a shag haircut. long layers. should make my hair easier to comb and easy to style. i really don't like to use anything on my hair like brushes and combs. just fingers and product. new haircut, new teeth, weight loss, new year.

Kim Wilde - Cambodia
Tags: cats, ramble, teeth, xmas

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