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"soon i can give you my heart"

sunday and it's grey outside. just like pittsburgh grey. but a Third Rock marathon is keeping me entertained.

last night i got left alone for a few hours. doc went to see a friend from work and M was out helping friends move. it was night and i was all alone, so i did what i do, i slept to pass the time. then i got up when doc called at ten and M came home soon after. i don't like to be alone in the house at night, i'm too used to having someone around and it makes me feel safe.

not much interesting today. we watched Nightmare on Elm Street 3. we are watching the whole series, since i've never seen most of them. this one featured two songs that i like. now that's excitement.

i'm thinking i might get the laptop a battery first. then the hard drive and finally the memory cards. i can only get one thing a month and right now we are in save mode. doc wants to go see his parents and i fully and financially support that.
ETA: maybe the hard drive first. M needs a new battery, too, he gets less time from his than i do from mine that will be a two month goal. i might make the battery last on the list.

ow, the cymbalta is making me naseous (sp). time to lay down.
ETA: doc was right, all i needed was yogurt, excellent cure.

Sinead O'Connor - Mandinka
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