Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

"so i turned myself to face me"

M and i went down to see a friend of his that does hair. my hair is finally get cut!

then we went down to freemont street and waited for the hot krispy kreme donuts to come out and then feasted on them for dinner. i have only one complaint, the jimmies (sprinkles) were stale. they were crunchy. but it wasn't enough to keep us from enjoying the hell out of those lovely donuts.

today, finally, we are going to touch up the roots of my hair. i want that done before i get it cut. even though i was told my natural color was a delightful chocolate. and i swear, if there wasn't so much grey, i might leave it. besides, i like myself as a redhead. i'm easier to find in a crowd.

speaking of easier to find in a crowd, last night M was walking a couple of steps behind me and when i turned around to say something and he wasn't there, so i turned around, couldn't find him in the crowd. then i just stood there, thinking of my next move and noticing a scary guy in a dark hat and big black overcoat and really dark sunglasses. i was about to go into panic mode and spun around one more time to find M. and he was standing right behind me. he didn't have time to hide behind me. we laughed so hard over that. i told him about the scary man and we figured he was looking at me because i had a goof behind me. goof, that's a good name for M.

i didn't take my camera, i've done freemont street to death. next, caesar's christmas decorated forum shops. it's been a couple of years since i got my holiday on at the forum shops.

and i'll see how long the guys must make me wait until i can put up the xmas stuff and tree and stuff and things.

i got flavored coffee yesterday and i can't decide which flavor to make. if that's my biggest problem, i'm having a pretty good day.

David Bowie - Change
Tags: freemont street

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