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i hate socks

i have bad looking feet. i walk barefoot wherever i can and my heels and the balls of my feet have cracks in them. so doc got me some healing foot balm, that's really just a lotion and i won't know if it's working for a few weeks. and that is using it three times a day on my feet and keeping socks on. i hate socks. i may have mentioned it. but if my feet get better, it will be worth it. i also have to keep pummicing them every other day. years of beating on my feet. they don't hurt, though. my feet, that is.

it's a watching farscape day. today and tomorrow. i can't stay away form the news channels because there is nothing else on. so DVDs it is. i also have the fourth season of Red Dwarf from netflix that i am saving for tomorrow. M hates sci fi of any kind. he even dislikes star wars, the original three. and yet we have so much else in common.

i have a lump on my hand that looks menacing. it looks like it's turning into a mole. time to go see a physician and get these questions answered.
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