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"on the razor's edge you trail"

i did better today, i slept until 8am. i feel pretty great. a bit of coughing telling me i smoked to many cigarettes yesterday.

but overall, no medication hangover, so things are good. i don't even know if i'll stay up, most likely i will.

i have 60 hours and 59 seconds in music on this DVD i made for rose the laptop. and four songs that didn't transfer successfully. most of those songs i have on my mp3 player so i hear them anyway. 60 hours is a lot to sort through when looking for a particular song. but i've found all but one today that i was looking for to listen to.

Now M is up, i'm definitely not going back to bed. i'm relived i won't be having to climb over doc without him waking up. he is the gateway to my side of the bed. i'm not graceful at all so i can't sneak in and out without causing him to wake up and that makes a grumpy doc. i'd be grumpy too if the situations were reversed.

we had a quiet halloween. no trick or treaters in the complex. so no knocking and we didn't get stuck with a bunch of candy with nothing better to do than be eaten by us. M and i went out for while, saw some costumed people on the strip.

Duran Duran - Wild Boys
Tags: feelin good, music, ramble

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