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"love is a blind ambition"

and short term memory is an even blinder one. between last night and this morning, i've spent the past hour or so trying to figure out how to use Rose with the touch pad and buttons and stuff. i feel like a gorram idiot.

i think i need to turn off the most dangerous heart-wrenching near death videos and turn on some of the safety of the Firefly universe.

today i will finally go in, look at my dresser and stare it down. i will hang and fold clothes until i get to the top of the dresser itself. i will find things i have been missing and have an immense sense of accomplishment once it's done. i spent almost a full day in the hospital thinking of nothing but how to conquer my dresser. i managed to get the floor of the studio cleaned up. the dresser will be easy in comparison.

the muscle pains are still managable. a little weird, though. i've been having "charly horses" in different parts of my body, like my stomach muscles or my feet. i don't mind them, my head is as quiet as it gets and i love it. and without the drowsiness or incoherence of seroquel. M says he can tell when i'm on my meds. at least someone can. doc can probably tell, too. i just can't because it doesn't knock me out. i feel a little drowsy, but then, i got up early this morning.

i think it's time to make some eggs or have some cereal. it's the cymbalta that makes me queasy, that's why i was taking it in split doses. now i take it all in the morning and a banana just isn't enough to stop the nausea. i'm relieved, i was thinking i had some sort of stomach flu. i got the flu shot in the hospital, and expect to have another glorious and nearly sick free winter. like last year.

i plan to make this past visit to the hospital my last for a while. i crave the structure of it, but i can set that up for myself.

ooh, time to go make coffee for doc.

Concrete Blonde - (Love Is A) Blind ambition
Tags: head case, meds, pain

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