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i'm in a quandry. the voices took on a new litany today. they say i should bypass hurting myself, which hurts doc, and just take the final step and kill myself. tommorow is my last appointment with my shrink and if i tell her i'm feeling this way, i think we all know she will sign me in for a 72 hour observation. the upside is that i will be watched by professionals very carefully. the down side is that doc will not be able to visit me or bring me anything. and he hates it when i go inpatient.

my appointment is at 4 i can call and sort out whatever billing issue there may be at the hospital. another up side is that i can transition to the rehab unit when i'm stabalized.

if i was going off my meds i could see this happening, but i'm taking my meds and still getting worse.

god, i need help.
Tags: head case, hospital

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