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oh damn it

Rose, the laptop:

toshiba satellite 2405-s201laptop

Processor: Mobile Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor-M 1.6GHz
Memory: 256MB SDRAM, expandable to 512MB
Hard Drive: 5GB
Modem: Integrated V.90/56K
DVD-ROM/CD-RW Drive: Multi-function drive
Display: 14.1" TFT active matrix display
Graphics: S3 Super Savage graphics controller Video Memory: 16MB
Ethernet: Integrated 10/100 Ethernet LAN
USB Ports: 3
Battery Type: 9-cell, rechargeable, removable Lithium-Ion
Pointing Device: Keyboard, Touchpad pointing device with scroll wheel, Scroll function
Audio: 16-bit stereo, Direct 3D Sound, built-in stereo speakers

There's conflict over the max memory size, but a lot of the documentation may have been written before larger values were available.

Standard Memory 256 MB (removable)
Maximum Memory 512 MB
Memory Expansion 2 sockets
Memory Comments PC2100 DDR SODIMM's
CPU Type Intel Mobile Pentium 4 1.6GHz
Model Comments 400MHz FSB

* Installed Size 256 MB / 1 GB (max)
* Technology DDR SDRAM - 266 MHz
* Memory specification compliance DDR266/PC2100
* RAM form factor SO DIMM 200-pin

# Chipset type Intel 845MZ

Maximum memory: 512 MB
Standard memory: 256 MB (removable)
Slots: 2 sockets

From Intel's site on the 845MZ chipset:
DDR 200/266 MHz SDRAM Choice of memory technology to support a full range of price/performance requirements up to 1GB. DDR memory offers high reliability and consumes minimal power, critical to the mobile PC platform

memory chipset
$32 plus postage for two

$46.99 including postage

hard drive

oh, and a PCI video card for Dalek, my desktop. that's another $100 - $200

should you have any of these items or compatible items laying around gathering dust, please, i'm begging. it will take me months to get all this together. i'm most concerned about Rose, but it would be nice to play spore on Dalek.
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