Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

"they've got to catch me if they want me to hang"

it's a cool morning, but not a quiet one. i have the news loud to drown out the sound of the traffic outside. at least they aren't leaf blowing, they do it every other day and this is an off day. yestereday it was insuffereable because doc insisted on keeping the door open to the balcony the whole time. i just watched the tv and pretended i'd gone deaf and that is what it sounded like. because, what does it sound like when you go deaf?

i hate john mccain, though i can't articulate why. i can't articulate anything, but bring up mccain and i get all blustery and spitty. i just hate him, i think he's a loon. nutty as a pecan pie. and i don't trust him. and i don't trust his health and the harpie he's dragging along with him (palin). don't like the scene at all. but with barak, i see early assasination and i don't know a damn thing about biden except he's silly and misspeaks often, but i feel better about him in the whitehouse than the harpie. and that is my political outlook. after watching all four recent debates. after watching every news channel and reading dailykos and wonkette. i leave M to read the druge report. ick, did that for a while, it's like watching bill orielly in really slow motion. M is all mccain and i've decided to leave him alone about it and just shout at the tv when i get really frustrated. and by the way, i'm not registered to vote, i thought i got registered when i got my wstate ID, but when i checked the official site, i wasn't listed on it. so i'm not voting. and that is a great load off my shoulders because i really didn't want to. i would have gone democrat, it's all roe v wade to me, that's all i really care about when it's said and done, women's rights. and the democrats see that as a logical statement, where the republicans can see no reason why one would put those two words, 'women's rights' together.

AC/DC - Back in Black
Tags: politics

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