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"my hair longer than it's ever been and then, the sky lit up"

i found this lyric accidentally. my hair is longer than it's ever been and tonight i am going to where the sky lights up, to the center of our universe here in the desert. no, not area 51. that's a defunct base now anyway. i'm speaking of the strip and the WWE Smackdown and ECW. yes, kids, tonight is the night i break my professional wrestling cherry and go to a live event.

i didn't get my hair dyed, i may do that today, but i doubt it. suddenly faced with an arena of thousands of screaming people, i don't so much care what i look like. i just want to go and have fun. this will be M's first big outing with me. he and doc have been coaching me. trying to prepare me for all the people and the noise. i am to concentrate on the ring and on the big screen and ignore the people around me. take klonopin, but not too much. don't freak out. i can always leave. but i won't have to, i'll be fine. this will be fun. i can't wait.

speaking of good things, i'm bringing this to you on the new laptop, Rose. keeping with the doctor who theme. we're going to crank this sister up and make her stronger, faster . . . we have the technology. i feel silly today.

yes, silly. giddy. shiny. all bright colors. . .

my train of thought derailed there. i don't know that i can get it back. this brain fart brought to you by topamax. speaking of which, it has taken a toll on my memory, which causes much contention around here and a lot of aquiescence on my part when i don't want to, but i know i can't mount a steady argument, i can't keep a thought in my head to do so. i've also lost coordination. i can't count the number of headers i've taken in the bathroom in the tub, hurting nothing but my pride, as they say. i drop things. i'm very ginger with the laptop. on one side i've got the belkin card sticking out of the side, so i have to be really careful i don't snap it off.

doc is home with me for an extra hour with me. he's tired and getting geared up for work, the less i talk the better. most of what i have to say matters very little, especially to him. look how i'm rambling here.

PJ Harvey - The Sky Lit Up
Tags: ramble, wrestling

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