Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

"didn't we cross new waters, didn't we mix new blood"

oh joy! i think i'm about to get a toshiba satellite 2405-s201laptop! it's had a storied past, it was purchased in some deal or another for a friend's daughter and she is too young to work the mouse pad on it. also, the seller put on a trial OS and it expires in 20 days. i have access to such things. also it is the POS of this laptop model. but i just want it for writing, email and internet. if i wanted to play music on it, i could get a flash drive (is that what they're called? the nifty things you plug into your USB that has space on it?) any way, one for music, one for the book and i won't mind sitting on the bus forever or wating for my therapist (got to make an appointment with him to talk about losing my shrink), or just sitting in the living room trying to out news M. him and his druge report. damn republicans.

so i think i'm getting it. there's $80 cash on the desk in the bedroom and that's what i said i wanted to offer our friiend. i felt if i had the cash, he'd take the deal. let's hope i'm not wrong on this one. cuz the laptop isn't worth much more and M told doc and i not to pay any more than that. it comes with a recharger at least.

i'm so excited, i even checked and it fits in my brand new messenger bag which has a pocket on the back for a laptop. i'm thinking destiny.

Robbie Robertson & U2 - Sweet Fire of Love
Tags: geek, laptop

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