Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

"frell me dead"

doc just called. good news/bad news. good news first: we could go to my favorite asian buffet off the strip tonight and ask M if he wanted to go (i should have seen it coming, but my meds are just hitting me and i'm in my dumb as a bag of hair phase). bad news next: did i look in the mail on the couch? no i did not. one letter was from my shrink explaining that she was leaving the group and moving to one across town that is too far away for me to bus to alone. my next appointment with her will be my last.

she's the first shrink to really "get" me. she finally gave me the appropriate diagnosis, she sees through the mask, takes copious notes after the session, and is all around a great shrink.

now i have to break a new one in. and do it quickly, my social security review is coming up. i have to make sure the new doc gets old shrink's file on me.

i hope doc is prepared to go to the asian buffet on the bus if necessary. it's only just up the hill and the weather is great here. it's 78 degrees at 11am, pretty nice, by evening it will be long sleeve weather.

i can't believe i'm using my shrink. she was going to be there to help me after rehab.

at least i still have my therapist. he'll be there for me after rehab. he'll know me before and after.

why do i keep losing doctors? sure, i left one, but i've lost three not counting the one i kicked to the curb.

i hope my books get here today, that would be nice. i'm looking forward to reading "children of the self absorbed", speaking of therapy.

Aeryn - Farscape
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