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"cause i'm sotally tober"

it's after midnight. i woke up from my nap about a half an hour ago. i had a full day, as days go.

i feel weird about using the journal that AMB gave me, so rather than try to explain it to doc, i went out and got a new one and some ballpoint pens to match the colors of the pattern on the outside. the pattern is called "English Garden", it's pretty Laura Ashley in the 70's. but all bright colors. i can't wait to start it.

politics rage on here. we (M and i) watched the debate tonight. i still haven't watched the news to see what i'm supposed to think of it so i can form an opinion contrary. i have a feeling of unreality when it comes to the present realities.

on the spore front, i am sporeless. my video card is indeed not up to the task. and a video card is not in the budget, so i got close there and can still watch M play on his system. damn games.

Everybody Move - Tech 9

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