Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

"life's candy and the sun's a ball of butter"

i'm up early (for me) and waiting for some pain pills for my dying tooth. it will be great to get some relief. i've been taking pain relievers (doc says they are like tylenol, just generic) by the handful, four at a time and it doesn't even dent the pain. lucky for me the hamburgers are soft food.

i did the dumbest thing in the shower last night. i had put the conditioner in my hair and waited the three minutes the bottle said and i was combing it all out when i twisted around and almost fell. catching myself and twisting my right foot around and pulling the tendon that was healthy as well as the tendon that just healed. frelling unbelievable. i don't even know if there is swelling, i just put the brace on it as soon as i got out of the shower. i should not be left alone to do these things. usually doc helps comb my hair out and it goes much easier. he knows how to do it, he has a big sister.

we got some small amount of rain yesterday. not even enough to flood the streets for a few minutes. monsoon season is coming to an end and we haven't had significant rainfall. i shouldn't bitch, though. too many people have way too much rain.

it's firday! yay! doc in jeans, rawr. i need to watch Ocean's 13 today and send it back to netflix. and i need to stop by my shrink's and drop off paperwork and make a therapist appointment.

i got so much new incense yesterday. i got real nag champa cones, which are divine. some Shiva nag champa which didn't smell like nag champa, but it did smell good. and i got Gonesh scents of spring. i'm a total incense addict. it's sad, really. but my house smells good in the evening and night. and none of those food smells like the Glade candles. i also got some jasmine because it is a nice romantic scent. i plan to split that with M so he has some.

Funny Girl - Don't Rain on My Parade
Tags: friday, incense, pain, rain

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