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"we only spun a web to catch ourselves"

it's been a couple of days. uneventful days. there was cleaning and laundry and much watching of the tv.

we watched part of "Baby Mama" and i wasn't disappointed so much as bored. lucky wrestling came on.

doc bought me a new succlent, since i inadvertently killed my others. i didn't water them enough or something, maybe i over watered them. it could have been a sun issue. i really need to look up the care and feeding of these things.

the cats continue to keep things interesting. tech has decided when i have cereal, he has the right to get in my face. that isn't going well for him. i blow on his face when he gets too close.
it's so cute. he's such a giant of a cat. and he's cuddly, i love that. mine are only cuddly if i'm in bed.

i'm really getting mad at my memory. it sucks so hard. though it does make the movies we rewatch new to me.

i had a dream about a hot pink DVD player. i think i saw it on my friend's list. but it was in my dream last night.

Pink - I'm Not Dead
Tags: ramble

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