Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

i have no lyric today

i'm watching the sky darkening and hearing the thunder . . . will there be rain? will watching the weather channel about storms help this one to dump some water on us? it can't hurt. technopaganism by me. the thunder is not frequent. but the last clap brought chloe inside, slinking into a hiding place. in her defense, it was pretty loud.

M is out, i should be watching farscape or firefly. i'm collecting iconic 80's teen movies and when i have enough, i'm going to plan a party around them. i have two right now. "real genius" and "say anything", i need some john carpenter, "sixteen candles", "pretty in pink" and without the damn censoring of certain language. oh yeah, "breakfast club" is a must get. i could write down the songs from the movies to be watched and make CDs of them as welcome gifts. i should do this for my birthday next year, it will be the 40, so i should do something memorable for it. and that gives me many months to plan.

M is out visiting friends. he said he would bring me back a slurpee. last night doc got a grape cream ice drink from sonic. it was interesting. a creamy slurpee sort of thing. it was good. not a slurpee replacement, but something i now like to drink from sonic.

there, more thunder. closer now. time to find something else to watch. hopefully soon, i'll have a storm to go out and sit in. that would be cool.
Tags: 80's party, rain

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