Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

"i can tear your walls down with the beating of my heart"

M is a McCain supporter. i am not, not even close. i read the blogs, wonkette and dailykos before M gets home so i have ammunition. i'm not trying to change his vote, just convince him that Obama isn't the the worst person for the job. i support Obama in a passive aggressive way. i don't like his pick for VP and that left me short of "rah rah rah". The Daily Show has made sense of the conventions and lampooned them for our amusement, and for that i thank them, goddess knows it will be the only amusement we get out of this race. unless that lump on McCain's cheek starts talking independently of its host.

my argument against Palin is simple, one point, and that's enough for me: she's a creationist. she does not believe in evolution. i can't get behind that. i also can't get behind her preaching abstinence even when she sees first hand that that argument doesn't get teens far. it's just cosmic karma, and it's sad. but really, she's a creationist! she gives me the willies. and it scares me that she might be "a heartbeat away" from being president. though i think in my twisted mind she'll become president and then the cylons will attack.

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Tags: politics

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