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"i don't want to be the one the battles always choose"

i need to get some headphones, these earbuds make the music sound so tinny. ick. it doesn't stop me from plugging in whenever i can.

it's quiet here. everyone is asleep or in their room watching movies. i plan to finish posting here and then drink some coffee and then go back to bed.

oh look, tech is in our room. and here comes leeloo to find out what the deal is. tech turns around and sees her . . . the moment of truth . . . and he turns back around, butt to leeloo, and continues to investigate. leeloo is put out. silly kitties.

the sun is out, there seems no hope for rain. speaking of which, i should really turn on the news and find out how things are going in the gulf of mexico.

filled with substance, this is not. maybe later when i'm awake i'll have something to say.

Linkin Park - Breaking the Habit
Tags: cats, weather

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