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"here we are, caught up in this fake rhythm"

i finally found the song and it downloaded while we were out at dinner. italian food, good stuff.

the rain we were supposed to get never really came. it hit the mountains around the valley and broke apart. typical story, it has to be one determined storm to make it here. it's monsoon season, so any threat of rain can become a big issue here. flooding is quick to take over the streets and washes.

we only went out for a couple of hours, but the cats are acting like we've been gone months. silly pusses.

i will kiss, on the mouth, the first woman to get me pain killers. i have an infected tooth and until the root just dies, it's going to hurt a lot. even the pain reliever i got over the counter isn't putting a dent in it. and it's on the "good" side of my mouth. i got small pasta for dinner, something i could suck down with a minimum of chewing.

tuesday, i will find a dentist. and make an appointment. even if i have to take a cab to get there and back. fuck this waiting to learn the buses, i haven't done anything to forward things that way, time to stop putting it off. especially because i know the dentist won't do anything but xray, it's going to be a while before i can get this tooth taken care of. maybe i have some antibiotics to take care of the infection. i think i have some.

Blue Nile - Tinseltown in the Rain
Tags: rain, teeth

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