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i never know what to put here

if the tags are limiting, the subject line is a journaling traffic stopper. i guess i can think of anything i want and put it there. maybe a song lyric. that sounds nice.

i didn't nap today. i painted my nails and read dailyKos. i should have been cleaning up in here. by the way, i painted my nails the most noxious candy pink i could find. it's called Love.

i have software to find in this infernal mess. anything i plug into my firewire is seen as new software. this is annoying. so i have to find all the drivers and software. what the fuck happened to my computer?

i've been wanting to work on jewelry again. i got a 1000+ page jewelry making catalogue. and if i ignore the 1/4 devoted to swarvoski crystals (way way way out of my pricerange, i can barely afford the small amount of sterling silver stuff i get), it's a fabulous book of ideas and materials. i have many projects in my jewelry stuff to finish before i can order more supplies. and i need to get the finished stuff up on ebay, time to stop being intimidated by their new listing system.

why am i afraid of everything? why is nothing enough for me? why am i so weak?
Tags: geek, jewelry, procrastination

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